We Are Proud To Announce the SOCRATES FIRE, The Most Amazing Rocket Stove Ever Created!
The SOCRATES FIRE™ is a very efficient stove that generates a super hot fire with just a few twigs. Use it to cook, boil water, and even distill water!
Claim Your Super Efficient
Special Pre-Launch Price Only Available Until March 22nd.
The SOCRATES FIRE is the ULTIMATE rocket stove! It's super efficient, it's constructed with heavy duty stainless steel and it's INCREDIBLY PORTABLE! 
  • EXTREMELY EFFICIENT! The design of the SOCRATES FIRE™ allows you to generate a lot of heat with just twigs and small pieces of wood. You'll use 1/3 to 1/2 less fuel and generate more heat!
  • INCREDIBLE DESIGN! The SOCRATES FIRE Collapsible Rocket Stove is incredibly well designed. Not only is it extremely effective, but it’s the most practical rocket stove on the market.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION. The SOCRATES FIRE is made of top quality stainless steel, which makes it highly durable and surprisingly lightweight. 
  • COMPACT STORAGE SIZE. The SOCRATES FIRE folds down and fits into a carrying case the size of a laptop. This means that it takes up hardly any space so you can easily store it in a closest or even a drawer.
  • PORTABLE, PORTABLE, PORTABLE! Other rocket stoves are so heavy and unwieldy that you almost need a pickup truck to move them around. The SOCRATES FIRE is the ULTIMATE in portability! It’s so small you could always keep it in your trunk and you’d never even know it’s there!
  • FLAMMABLE BIOMASS. Burn anything from wood scraps to dry yard debris.
  • SIDE LOAD THE FUEL. In other rocket stoves you load the fuel from the top, which means that you have to stop everything, pull it all apart and then load enough fuel for the next half hour. But with the SOCRATES FIRE, you simply load the wood and twigs in from the side so you can cook non-stop.
  • THE HINGES ALLOW IT TO FOLD DOWN! You will be amazed at the quality of the hinges. They aren't just welded to the metal, but the hinges are actually built into the metal itself.
  • LESS SMOKE. The SOCRATES FIRE minimizes smoke, dramatically reducing the "smoke" smell that campers often find on their clothes and in their hair after a campfire.
  • SUPER PRACTICAL! Take the SOCRATES FIRE with you camping or use it in your yard if the power goes out. Cook with it, boil water and even use it to distill water!
  • PERFECT FOR DISTILLING WATER! The SOCRATES FIRE is a perfect heat source for the Survival Still water distiller, so you can purify dirty water (even ocean water) during an emergency.
  • PATENTED DESIGN. We have a rock-solid patent on the design, so you won't find another folding stove like it.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE! The SOCRATES FIRE offers excellent performance, durability and practicality at a reasonable price.
Ready for a Surprising Fact?
The smoke leaving your fire is unused fuel!
Yes, smoke = wasted fuel!
And it's not just a little bit of fuel. If your fire smokes, you are losing approximately 50% of the wood's potential energy!
Here's a quick chemistry lesson about wood fires...

As wood burns in a campfire, flammable "wood gas" is released in the form of volatile organic compounds (smoke). These "wood gases" contain about 50% of the wood's potential chemical energy.

Here's the important thing to know... Wood burns at around 500° F, but the "wood gases" don't ignite until around 1100° F.

If your fire is not hot enough, this unburned fuel forms particulates in the form of smoke.

Smoke is wasted fuel.

So if you want an efficient burn, you need your fire to reach at least 1100° F, because this will ignite the "wood gas" and will release a lot more energy.
If your campfire is smoking, it means that your fire is not hot enough to generate a "Secondary Burn". This means that you are wasting your fuel!
This is called a "Secondary Burn". The SOCRATES FIRE rocket stove is designed with the proper geometry and airflow to maximize heat, and get this secondary burn. This means that the SOCRATES FIRE will give you a focused, very hot fire with just a handful of twigs.
The Importance of Focused Heat...
Getting the fire hot enough to get a "Secondary Burn" is the first key to efficiency, but just as important is to focus that heat!

Regular campfires are completely unfocused, so the heat is lost to the air. With the SOCRATES FIRE Rocket Stove though, the heat is completely focused on your fry pan or pot of boiling water.
This combination of 1) a high temperature burn and 2) focusing the heat means that you will be amazed at how much heat you will get from just a handful of twigs!
The SOCRATES FIRE is perfect for cooking, boiling water and distilling water with the Survival Still!
Special Product Pre-Launch Offer!
The SOCRATES FIRE Collapsible Rocket Stove is the most amazing rocket stove ever created!
Special Pre-Launch Price Only Available Until March 22nd!
What You Get With Our Launch Special...
  • The SOCRATES FIRE Collapsible Rocket Stove (normally $289).
  • FREE Convenient Aluminum Carrying Case (normally $25).
  • FREE Shipping in the Continental USA.
When the SOCRATES FIRE officially launches, the stove plus the carrying case and shipping will be $339, but you can order it today for only $239!
How the pre-launch works: Please note that this is a pre-launch special. Orders and payment will be taken now and your stove will be delivered when it is produced. Estimated delivery will be mid-June.
Questions & Answers...
How does the Pre-Launch" work?
During the Pre-Launch, we are taking orders now (with payment), and the product will be delivered when it is produced. Estimated delivery will be mid-June. It's basically similar to a Kickstarter launch, except that we've already done all of the product design steps.
Why is this a Pre-Launch?
This is a new product for us. We have finished product development, but we don't have product in stock yet. We are accepting orders for the first production run since we've taken over the product from the inventor. We are using the same manufacturer that the inventor used, but we've improved the product and have some additional quality-control processes in place. 
Why should I participate in the Pre-Launch?
Three reasons: First, you get a great discount. Second, you will get the product before anyone else. And third, by purchasing, you're supporting our efforts to bring a great product to market. Thanks for your support!
What exactly will I get with the Pre-Launch Special?
You will get 1) the SOCRATES FIRE Rocket Stove, 2) the case and 3) free shipping in the continental USA. Also, we are going to add a special gift into each of the orders.
When will it be delivered?
We estimate that you will receive your SOCRATES FIRE Rocket Stove by mid June. This is only an estimate though, and it's possible that it will come a little bit later. But we are going to do our best to deliver it earlier.
Why did you change the name to SOCRATES FIRE?
We are working on an overall branding strategy, and this fits our plan better. It's a cool name. I hope you like it!
Why are you charging my card now?
The purpose of doing a pre-launch is to help us build up our initial inventory by getting pre-orders. This is how I funded my Survival Still in 2012, and this is how many companies launch products on Kickstarter. In exchange for helping us with the pre-launch, you are getting a great price and we will include a special gift.
Is there a return policy?
Yes. After you receive the SOCRATES FIRE Rocket Stove, if you want to return it within 30 days, we will provide you with a full refund.
Can I become a dealer for the SOCRATES FIRE?
We will allow dealers for the SOCRATES FIRE rocket stove, but we are going to be quite picky. We aren't just looking for someone who's going to put it on Amazon or Ebay, because this does nothing to expand our potential pool of customers. We want to find dealers who are going to bring the product to new people who wouldn't have otherwise heard of it. Do you have an audience? Do you have a way to communicate it to people? If you are interested, please send an email to glenn@survivalstill.com and tell me more.
Sounds great! How do I order?
Glad you like it! Click on the order button below.
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